Here’s an offer not to be missed.

Join our new 100BUCKCLUB.
This is Sokea and she works from her home in the provinces for a group called Rehabcraft, a group of disabled Kymers that do remarkable work. Sokea lost both of her legs from a hidden landmine tragedy.

She is embroidering a number from 1 to 999 on the lapel of this entirely handmade Buckhunger dress apron that is our gift to you for a donation of $100 or more. Please go to our What’s New page and read more about this unique apron and how it helps us at Buckhunger and Rehabcraft.
Buckhunger is working because of vision and experience – we know what we’re doing and where we are heading. I have a lot of experience in the restaurant field and have learned over the years how to manage food costs, portion size and spending. We at Buckhunger waste nothing and make sure that all or food gets to our kids and seniors in need. We are non profit and non affiliated with any religious or government organization and are totally privately funded. We only survive from donations either made on this website or in person at our restaurant on Street 460, Tol Toom Poog Moi, just down from Boeng Trabek Market and Plaza.
We currently are providing a hot, filling, nutritious meal to more than 240 needy children and seniors everyday, many of whom live on the streets and sidewalks of Phnom Penh. Since opening December 4, 2011, we had fed more than 12, 550 kids and seniors.
Our current budget at this level of meal service is $6000.00 per month. That includes all fresh and dry food purchases for 250 meals per day, 7 days a week plus all expenses for a staff of 22 that includes 15 trainees and a management team of 7. Those expenses include rent and utilities, wages, uniforms, private English lessons and all materials, health and accident requirements, food while working and complete room and board for 8 women that must live due to not having other options. There are no management or director fees or allowances for personal expenses. All money received goes directly for food and overhead costs.

It costs $100 in food only to feed approximately 250 kids in need. Our FOOD WALL asks for just that. Pick a special day of the year and your name goes on our wall to celebrate your “feeding the house”. Check out our facebook for details.

Your donation will feed a young homeless child or a hungry senior AND give a young unskilled worker a chance to learn a new trade and start a life that they may never have had the opportunity to lead.

Once our level of donations exceeds our $6000 per month goal, we will plan a second Buckhunger in another needy area of Phnom Penh with a goal of 10 units in the country. However, our current level of donations are far less than our budget requirements.

Why should I donate to Buckhunger?

Because these kids and seniors need food and deserve to have a decent meal. That’s why I am here. Look at our videos in Whats new or on facebook. Beautiful, wonderful kids that don’t have enough to eat. For many, the Buckhunger lunch is the only meal these kids will have during the day. We know because we have asked and all your donation goes directly for this purpose, not for paying salaries or producing advertising.

Can I get a tax benefit?

Absolutely. Just be sure and check the tax deductible donate button and your form will be on the way.

I want to help! How much should I donate?

Kids need food everyday. We sometimes get a donation and never hear from the donor again. Buckhunger needs to sustain itself for as long as kids need to eat. Unless you are wanting to give a large amount to help us build more kitchens or establish a foundation, please consider making a monthly donation.

$25 feeds two kids for 30 days. The cost of a few lattes will help bring two children from the edge of malnutrition to a daily supply of protein, bulk and nutrients for an entire month! And give them the joy of eating with their peers in a clean, professional and caring environment.
$100 buys all the food it takes to feed 240 kids and seniors for one day. Think of it as your gift to mankind. 100 bucks feeds 240 hungry mouths? Impossible! But it does and it works. Pick a day to be very special for 240 kids and seniors.
So how much? We take all amounts big and small. But please consider making this a monthly routine.

For 240 needy kids and seniors, a hot and nutritious meal everyday. For a staff of 22, a skill, a paying job, English lessons and for some, a safe and clean place to live.

BUCKHUNGER is proud to be playing an important role in helping the Cambodian People grow. Please show your support.