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  • Each day we feed more than 200 hungry kids and for many this will be their only meal of the day.
    Rarely if ever are any of the 3 to 11 year old children accompanied by adults or guardians.

  • Before Buckhunger, we watched children dig through the trash piles at our nearby market in search of food. Today they are happy to wait for our opening bell at 11:00.

  • Our staff goes to market each morning
    to prepare today's fresh meal from scratch

  • Our Only requirement at Buckhunger is hands must be washed First

  • The time spent washing hands to departure is TEN MINUTES. Our kids get a clean and safe environment, respect as a patron, healthy food and a unique social setting with their peers. For most, it's the only happy time in a very ugly day.


As of December 2015, Buckhunger has fed over 200,000 kids in Cambodia just like her.

And Now , She urgently needs Your help. Please give what you can, so that we can continue to feed thousands more, and keep kids like this from having to scavenge barefoot through the dumps for food.

Just $1 a day will do it;

Will you help? Please contribute today .

My name is Johnny Phillips, and I have lived in Cambodia for much of the past three years. It’s a raw, untamed land of beautiful sights and shocking poverty. Many Cambodians are hungry and lack hope for their future. It is all to common to witness adults and children begging for scraps on your plate and searching the trash piles for edible food.

BUCKHUNGER is a full service, sit down restaurant that has provided nutritious and filling hot meals since December, 2011. When you give, your donation gives directly to Buckhunger and is not tax deductible.


We are delighted to announce that the EXO Foundation has chosen to support BUCKHUNGER!

Since 2011, EXO Foundation’s website has provided a platform to inform about and promote carefully selected initiatives throughout South East Asia which demonstrate a genuine commitment to the human and economic development of local communities. Yet with the aim to reach a wider audience and increasing its capacity to raise awareness on and trigger action towards sustainable development, poverty reduction and responsible tourism, EF has intensely worked on the update of the portal’s contents and has provided it with a refreshed and interactive format.

Please visit to donate, and be sure to visit for more information about EXO Foundation.

How to Give:

This gives directly to Buckhunger and is not tax deductible.

The Buckhunger Mission:

Our objective is to provide free food to those that need it most. We have served more than 240 children and elderly Cambodians every day, many of which live on the street, giving them an enjoyable and much needed meal served by our house trained staff. Each guest is first invited to a hand washing station then seated at one of our spotless tables where a staff member serves a homemade Khmer dish and a special PH adjusted chilled water. For many this will be the only meal of the day.

Our staff of 12 were drawn from a pool of unskilled, unemployed Cambodian youths and taught how to operate a simple food service outlet. They are now highly skilled in sanitation, service, table clearing, food prep and cleanup and on their way to communicating in English due to our 5 months of private instruction.

All fresh products are purchased daily at our local market and prepared in appetizing and loving ways. Each plate is carefully portioned and presented to the hungry child with affection and respect. Our kids, whom are rarely accompanied with an adult or supervisor and often arrive without foot ware, come from diverse walks of life that includes both the very poor and homeless to the not so desperate. They have all learned how and why to wash their hands, basic table manners, the gift of having a peaceful meal without interference or chastising from adults and the dignity of respect from us that serve them. The positive eating experiences these kids receive is making a major difference in their lives.

About Us

BUCKHUNGER is a model of efficiency and organization.
On a given day we will feed 300 kids in one hour. That requires 5 full turnovers on our 12 tables while washing and re-washing 100 plates and glasses. At the end of the period one could eat directly from the spotless floor. We feed 3 meals per $1. A $100 gift pays for all food and cost of preparation for the entire days service.

Highly Necessary. Efficient without waste. Enjoyable and Educational. Providing Employment and Housing. And Very Economic.

I am Johnny Phillips and I have had 40 years of commercial Food and Beverage experience. I am dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry and am doing a great job at it but we cannot continue without immediate contributions and need your support NOW.

BUCKHUNGER is a Private, Non-Profit organization with 501c3 Sponsorship for tax free gifts that exists entirely on donations made either in person or through our website. All donations are used to create Free Nutritious meals for the poor, pay staff salaries and overhead. There are no administrative costs or fees whatsoever for management, funding or director related expenses. ALL donations only pay for actual feeding costs. Please contact us for any further information and please donate.

We need your support.!

Questions? Email Johnny

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House #105D Street 103
(turn from street 484 onto St 103)
Tol Toom Poog Moi
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 12101

855 (0) 98635142

e-mail: Johnny

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How to Give:

This gives directly to Buckhunger and is not tax deductible.

We appreciate EVERY donation!

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